Partnership Opportunities

If you would like to partner with me on one or more deals…

The first step is to establish contact and confirm that we have compatible goals (to learn more about my goals and investment process, click here). The next step is to evaluate deals that might make sense to partner on and to establish the parameters of the deal and the partnership. The final step is to go in together on the selected deal and manage it with the the partnership’s goals in mind.

If you are interested in partnering on a deal, please fill out the partnership form accessible using the button below. Once the form is complete, you will be contacted to discuss partnership opportunities.

– David Clive

About Me:
I have spent my career in finance and real estate. I am currently the owner of Deed Ventures LLC, a real estate investment company founded in 2016. Prior to starting Deed Ventures LLC, I helped to build the multibillion dollar real estate/private equity business at PIMCO – working on marketing, reporting, operations and negotiating financing deals. Before working at PIMCO I built risk and asset allocation models at Harvard’s Endowment. Throughout my career, I have been integrally involved in many real estate and financing deals totaling billions of dollars.

Harvard Business School: MBA
Brigham Young University: BS – Managment